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Kota-Town [Cancelled in 2022]
Kota Kite Flying Festival
(Kota Takoage Matsuri)

Date : 01/09/2022

  • Kota Kite Flying Festival (Kota Takoage Matsuri)
  • Kota Kite Flying Festival (Kota Takoage Matsuri)
  • Kota Kite Flying Festival (Kota Takoage Matsuri)
  • Kota Kite Flying Festival (Kota Takoage Matsuri)
  • Kota Kite Flying Festival (Kota Takoage Matsuri)

The 2022 Kota Kite Flying Festival has been cancelled.

150 Kites Large and Small Adorning the Sky

Up until the later half of the 20th century, kite flying was a popular New Year's Day pastime for children. The town of Kota holds a kite-flying competition every January. Participants compete to see which kites will fly for the longest time and which kites look best. The sky is adorned by a wide variety of kites from all over the country, some of them gigantic ones exceeding 18 ㎡.

People with small and medium-sized kites can simply turn up and participate on the day. The festival has lots of other events, including a "wadaiko" drum performance and a rock-paper-scissors competition. You can also get something simple to eat at Yataimura (literally, "Stall Village").


  • Parking
Date : January 9 (Sunday), 2022
Holding time : 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Place : Farming fields of Hishiike
*: In case of inclement weather, changes to Kite Exposition at the JA Aichi Mikawa Kota Center.
Location : 〒444-0113
Hishiike, Kota-Town, Nukata-District, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Parking : No parking lots available around the event venue.
Please park at Kota Town Hall Parking Lot or Disaster Prevention Field and take the free shuttle bus.
Phone number : 0564-62-1111 (Kota Kite Flying Festival Organizing Committee - Lifelong Learning Division)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    Kota Town Hall is a 7 min. northwards walk from Kota Station of the JR Tokaido Main Line.
    A free shuttle bus will be available departing from Kota Town Hall Parking Lot, Disaster Prevention Field, and JR Kota Station.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    Approx. 25 min. southwards from Okazaki I.C. of the Tomei Expressway, by routes 26, 248 and 483 (after approx. 10.5km, turn left from route 483 when it veers west, Kota Town Hall will be reached in approx. 100 meters)

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