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Toyohashi-City Noryo Beer Tram
(Noryo Biru Densha)

Date : 6/10/2022 - 9/25/2022

  • Noryo Beer Tram (Noryo Biru Densha)
  • Noryo Beer Tram (Noryo Biru Densha)

The Famous "Party Streetcar" That Runs Through Central Toyohashi-City!

Every year during summer the highly popular "Noryo Beer Tram" runs in the city of Toyohashi. "Noryo," meaning "enjoying the refreshment of the evening", is a term mostly used in the twilight of exceptionally hot summer days. This exotic but interesting promotion is brought by the Toyohashi Rail Road company, Toyotetsu, which operates some trains around the city and the whole tram system running through its busiest streets.


Date : From June 10 (Friday) to September 25 (Sunday), 2022
Holding time : Departures:
-Lunch Time (departures only on weekends and holidays) - Gathering at 11:40 AM, departing at 11:53 AM
-Dinner Time (NO departures on Sundays and holidays) - Gathering at 6:10 PM, departing at 6:23 PM
Place : Toyohashi Station - Undokoen-Mae - Toyohashi Station
Location : 〒440-0075
1 Ekimae-Odori, Toyohashi-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : -Groups up to 4 guests: 18,000 yen
(Same flat fee for any number of guests from 1 to 4)
*: Whenever a minimum of 3 applying groups is not reached, departure will be cancelled. Please see Cancellation Policy.
*: Maximum of 4 groups per departure (maximum 16 guests).
* Children and toddlers count the same as one adult guest.
Restrooms : Unavailable (Restroom break at Undokoen-Mae stop)
Phone number : •Toyotetsu Railways Division - 0532-53-2136
Weekdays from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
*: For reservations, please see Reservations.
Holidays : -No departures at all on the following days:
July 12 (Tuesday), August 13 (Saturday) to 15 (Monday), August 28 (Sunday)
-NO LUNCH TIME departures on the following days:
July 30 (Saturday), August 6 (Saturday), August 20 (Saturday)
Reservations : •By phone (Japanese):
-Toyotetsu Tourism Service Emore Travel Center
0532-54-5691 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (Open everyday)
-Toyotetsu Tourism Service Toyokawa Travel Center
0533-86-7285 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (Closed Wednesdays and holidays)

•Toyotetsu Online Reservation (Site in Japanese)
(Requires registration)

*: "Reservation Confirmation Letter" sent by mail must be produced on the day of the ride.

*: Cancel fees apply, please check carefully before reserving.
Cancellation Policy : Required reading for all guests:

1. Cancellation Fees
(1) A reservation canceled due to the guest's convenience shall incur in cancellation fee at the rates below.
Group Boardings (Per group)
-10 days prior to departure (Calculated from the day anteceding the departure.): 10%
-On the day before boarding: 30%
-On the day of boarding: 50%
-Cancellation after the stipulated gathering time, or no notification and no-show: 100%
* Charges also incur even if boarding in time is made impossible due to failures of any nature by the transportation methods used by the guest to reach the gathering point.
(2) In case of cancellation, the same communication method as at the time of application (Noryo Beer Train Reservation Phone or Toyotetsu Tourism Service Web Site) shall be used. Any cancellation to be made after the day which fees start to become applicable must be initiated by a phone call.
(3) Cancellation is not possible by any communication means other than the above mentioned, such as fax or email.
(4) Should any cancellation fee be incurred, an invoice shall be sent, with any incurring bank transfer fee to be paid by the guest.
2. Cancellation of Operation by Toyotetsu
The Noryo Beer Tram ride may be cancelled in the following cases, in which cancellation fees shall not be charged.
Except for (1), cancellation of boarding may be decided under short notice, however Toyotetsu shall not be held responsible for any guest expenses, such as transportation to the meeting place, or lodging.
(1) When there are less than 3 groups on a group boarding. In this case, Toyotetsu shall contact all guests before the third day from the day before the boarding date.
(2) In cases of weather conditions, such as typhoons, natural disasters, civil disorder, orders from public authorities, or other reasons beyond Toyotetsu control which may cause the proper operation impossible, or that is great risk that it will become impossible.
(3) In the case of the spread of new coronavirus infection.
(4) Vehicle failures, etc. at Toyotetsu operation.
3. Handling of personal information
Personal information acquired by Toyotetsu for the Noryo Beer Tram shall not be used for purposes other than the reservation details and management purposes.
4. Others
(1) Guests shall strictly observe the gathering time. Toyotetsu shall not be held responsible if guest is unable to board the train due to being late for the gathering time. In that case, cancellation fees shall incur.
(2) Body temperature will be taken prior to boarding. Should guest show fever or cold symptoms, he/she shall be asked to refrain from boarding. Such cases shall be handled as boarding day cancellation.
(3) Due to conditions such as road accidents and other unavoidable reasons, proper operation on time may be impossible. In such cases, Toyotetsu shall not be held liable to compensation claims for customer expenses such as transportation or lodging.

Note: This page may not be current due to update time differences between site databases.
Should accuracy be critical, please verify this information using a direct source, whenever possible.


  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    3 min. walk from Toyohashi Station of the JR Tokaido Main Line and Meitetsu Nagoya Line (board either Meitetsu Nagoya Line or JR Tokaido Main Line from Nagoya Station).

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