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Toyota-City Asuke Spring Festival (Annual Asuke Jinja Shrine Festival / Shigenori Festival)

Date : 04/13/2024, 04/14/2024

  • Asuke Spring Festival
  • Asuke Spring Festival
  • Asuke Spring Festival
  • Asuke Spring Festival

Ornately decorated parade floats of traditional construction festoon Asuke's historic townscape

The Asuke Spring Festival, otherwise known as the Annual Asuke Jinja Shrine Festival or Shigenori Festival is held by Asuke Jinja Shrine, located to the east of Asuke Hachimangu Shrine. The festival sings praise to Asuke Jiro Shigenori, a local hero who fought feircely for Emperor Godaigo of the Southern Court at Mt. Kasagi in Kyoto. The festival was originally held on May 3 when Shigenori died in battle, but is currently held on the second Sunday of April and the preceding day when the area's cherry blossoms come into bloom.

The festival takes place in the center of the Asuke area among seven towns (Shin’o-cho, Ta-machi, Hon-machi, Shin-machi, Nishi-machi, Miya-machi, and Shoei-cho). The towns parade their hanagurumas, or parade floats festooned in cherry blossoms and wisteria blossoms, throughout Asuke's historic townscape. Young men in their 20s take the helm of these ornate hanagurumas, directing the floats through Asuke's townscape while young girls in their teens beat drums and sing to the melodies of the musical accompaniment.

This festival is considered the flamboyant and feminine complement to the area's fall festival—considered the masculine and valiant half to Asuke's lively festival culture.


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Date : Sat, Apr 13–Sun, Apr 14, 2024
Holding time : Rehearsal festival: Around 2:00 pm–5:00 pm on Sat, Apr 13
Main festival: Around 7:00 am–7:00 pm on Sun, Apr 14

• Hanaguruma procession times vary by town.
Place : Asuke Jinja Festival (to the east of Asuke Hachimangu Shrine) and the Asuke Historic Townscape
Location : 〒444-2424
12 Miyanoato, Asuke-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi
Phone number : • 0565-62-1272 (TOYOTA Asuke Tourist Association)
• 0565-62-0516 (Asuke Hachimangu Shrine)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Nagoya Station, board the Higashiyama Subway Line and get off at Fushimi Station. Change trains to the Tsurumai Line bound for Toyotashi. Get off at Josui Station and, from the bus area on the north side, board the Toyota Oiden Bus Sanage–Asuke Line bound for Hyakunensou. Ride for 57 min. and get off at Korankei Bus Stop.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    • Approx. 15 min. east from Chikaraishi Interchange Sanage Green Road via Route 153.
    • Approx. 20 min. from Toyota-Kanpachi Interchange on the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway.
    • Approx. 30 min. from Toyota-Matsudaira Interchange on the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway.

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