To everyone viewing VISIT AICHI

Aiming to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infections, Aichi Prefecture issued a "Declaration of Strengthened Countermeasures
Against BA-5" to be enforced from August 5th to August 21st throughout the entire prefecture.
Everyone is requested to adhere to "Don't Get Infected, Don't Infect" policies, in order to both maintain awareness to novel coronavirus
infectious disease prevention, and overcome the spread of infectious diseases through instances of person-to-person contact.

Discover AICHI

Aichi, located in the heart of Japan, is a land of extremes. Aichi is proud of its heritage, history and culture,and of its futuristic technologies. It has a rich tradition of performing and visual arts, and at the same time hosts the annual World Cosplay Summit. Aichi is a land of mountains and plains, fields and seas, of abundant nature and great cities. It is the producer of quality fruits, vegetables and grains, and of motor vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and components.
Aichi is the heart of Japan, technology and traditions.