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Toyota-City Donguri Kobo Workshop Hina Doll Festival

Date : 02/03/2024 - 04/03/2024

  • Donguri Kobo Workshop Hina Doll Festival

2024 theme: Chuma Road Through the Fukuyose Village

Hina dolls—depicting elaborate Japanese court life and wedding scenes—are beloved decorations handed down and treasured by families. However, the dolls can sometimes find themselves gathering dust and no longer enjoying the former elaborate displays.
The Inabu area's Fukuyose Hina Project began with the aim of finding a new home for such Hina dolls reaching the end of their life as the beloved decorations. These "Fukuyose Hina", or "Charity Hina dolls", are given to and put on display at the Donguri Kobo Workshop in a variety of interesting and comical poses based on themes differing by year. Find the dolls, say, vacuuming their apartments, going out to beauty salons, singing karaoke, and a number of other unusual acts for kimono-clad Japanese royalty!
For 2024, the Hina dolls reenact life on the old Chuma Road. The Chuma Road—also known as the "Salt Road"—connected various parts of the Mikawa area to locations in Nagano Prefecture to the north. The road was used largely to transport salt made in the Mikawa Bay as an integral material for life in the northern mountainous regions far from the ocean.


  • Multipurpose toilet
  • Parking
Date : Sat, Feb 3–Wed, Apr 3, 2024
Holding time : 9:00 am–5:00 pm
Place : Donguri Kobo Workshop
Location : 〒441-2522
15 Harihara, Busetsu-machi, Toyota-shi, Aichi
Parking : Available, free of charge
Restrooms : Available
Phone number : 0565-83-3838 (Donguri Kobo Workshop)
Holidays : Thu (the following day if Thu coincides with a national holiday)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Nagoya Station, board the Higashiyama Subway Line and get off at Fushimi Station. Change trains to the Tsurumai Line bound for Akaike and Toyotashi Stations. (May require changing trains again at Akaike Station. If you would rather not change trains at Akaike Station, wait for the train going directly to Toyotashi Station, which usually follows the train terminating at Akaike Station.) Get off at Toyotashi Station and, from the East Exit's Bus Platform Number 1, board the Toyota Oiden Bus's Inabu–Asuke Line bound for Dongurinoyu-Mae Bus Stop. Get off there, and Donguri Kobo Workshop is the building directly before you.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    • Approx. 45 min. (34 km) east from Chikaraishi Interchange on Sanage Green Road via Route 153.

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